BTEC Level 4 Lesson 2.2 : Segmentation, targeting and positioning

Welcome to this session, we have already discussed these terms already, but we are going to delve deeper about these concepts .So, get ready as we commence.

Key  terms :

Behavioral segmentation, Geographic segmentation ,psychographic segmentation, breakdown, build up, geodemographic segmentation, Salesforce survey ,core benefits single variable segmentation ,demographic segmentation, multivariable segmentation, targeting ,Delphi technique ,Niche marketing perceptions, test marketing, time series analysis, differentiated marketing, perceptual map ,undifferentiated marketing, distributor survey positioning, executive judgment, premium ,usage rate.

At the end of the session, you should be able to:

  • Describe the main methods of segmenting Market
  • Explain how segmentation aids profitability
  • Decide whether a given segment is sufficiently profitable to be worth targeting
  • Explain the purpose of segmentation
  • Develop ways of assessing the economic viability of segments
  • Explain the growth of segmented markets
  • Established strategies for dealing with segmented markets
  • Describe perceptual mapping
  • Describe the main issues surrounding the positioning of brands