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At Tulip Intl. College, development is our priority, we are making a difference to form the fullest expression of what learning can be. Together, we’re all forming long haul, and as the world proceeds to advance, so we are! We bring learning to each moment.ulip Intl. College

Tulip LMS learning Program is a fully Online "Learning Management system", allows each student in campus or abroad, connect to all lessons remotely. Students can always have their lessons, classworks, homeworks and quizzes whereas they are at school's campus, home or any other part of the world. Teachers have advanced monitor system enable them to monitor their students progress and performance in every learning steps. Teachers can assist the student whenever needed.

Tulip College Education program in "in English (Yenibosna branch) - and  Arabic ( Beylikdüzü branch)". 

Turkish language is mandatory in Tulip tuition program.

in addition French language recently launched (Special Course).

Tulip International College has unique programs adopted within the curriculum, allows every students show has/her talents and passions in Sport, Art, Information Technology, Robotics or Space Science through out  programs suit every grade (1 to 12).

Please ask for more...

Tulip College have adopted Horse riding and swimming training allie with famous clubs to all enrolled students with no extra fees.


We do not offer free trials.


If you enroll and decide within 30 days that Tulip International College isn’t going to be the right fit for your student then you are eligible for reimbursement per our refund policy.

All we ask is that if you do encounter a roadblock that you reach out to our admission team so that we can provide assistance.

Pricing is annual.

The registration will automatically renew after one calendar year (cancel at any time). An active account is needed in order to continue to receive new updates, access to the platform , and support.

If you do not renew your registration or late in payment, then Tulip International College online learning system may still work but we cannot guarantee full access to courses and quizzes.

Yes! We will be happy to issue a refund within 30 days of your initial enrollment should you decide that Tulip International College does not meet your needs.

Please note that by enroll in Tulip Intl. College you agree to the terms & conditions, including the Refund Policy.

Registration renew automatically after one calendar year. You may cancel at any time.

For your convenience, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Papara, Bank transfer, which allows you to access Tulip's LMS online learning platform  immediately after registration.