• Topic 1 Twinkling Stars

You see stars as tiny points of white light in the night sky. Stars are not tiny, and they are not all white. Stars are huge balls of hot glowing gases. How many stars do we have in a galaxy? Are all stars the same? Let’s learn more about the stars.

  • Stars are huge balls of hot, glowing gases that produce their own heat and light. A Star is formed when gravity causes gas and dust particles found in space to pull together.
  • Stars are classified by their color, temperature, brightness, and size. The color of a star can tell us about its temperature. For example, blue stars are the hottest.
  • Stars have a wide range of sizes. White dwarf stars, for instance, can be as small as a planet. Giant and supergiant stars are many times bigger than the average-size star. The largest stars are also usually the brightest. The sun is a medium-size yellow star.