Learning for better future

Tulip was founded with one purpose- to build a space for all students to grow

Elementary School

Curriculum prepares students for success in middle school and beyond.

Middle School

Stimulating academic program that prepares Students for the IB study route and beyond.

High School

Programs help students achieve success, earn an accredited diploma, and prepare them for the future.

Our Most Popular Dual Enroll Courses

In partnership with BTEC-Pearson, offers a program specifically designed for high school students who want to earn University credit whereas still in high school.


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Accreditation - Cognia ( AdvancED)
Tulip International College is accredited through the Ministry of Education in Turkey and School Improvement (Cognia). Tulip International College is also recognized by the College Board (SAT) and BTEC/Pearson. These affiliations & accreditation ensure that your student will receive the highest quality education available.

At Tulip Intl. College, development is our priority, we are making a difference to form the fullest expression of what learning can be. Together, we’re all forming long haul, and as the world proceeds to advance, so we are! We bring learning to each moment.

At Tulip International College, we are committed to creating an educational atmosphere that makes coming here an exciting experience, each and every day. Our programs are intended to empower students to tackle challenges and take on experiences that may be new to them, while keeping learning fun and dynamic. Keep exploring our site to learn more our academics, staff and more.

Our vision is for each student to develop a curiosity of learning, discover their interests and grow in their love of learning. We also desire to have strong families through parent support/fellowship and skills training.

Learning Partners

What Our Students Say

I express my sincere gratitude to Tulip School for helping me in realizing my dream. TIC academic staff is school's professionals who know what authentic and quality international education is all about.
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From Yalova
Our college is well equipped with facilities that brings about the best in us. The homely environment, co-operative seniors and dedicating teachers let us feel that we have really selected the exact and the best college.
avatar, female, girl
From Istanbul
TIC offered me an overall growth in term of academics and as well as personal growth.
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Mustafa J.
From Egypt
I have been encouraged for the from the beginning by my distinguished Tulip school.
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M. Khalid
From Amman